Black Cat in Black Box

The Schrödinger’s cat became trendy – the Nobel Foundation depicted black cat in a popular presentation about this year Nobel Prize in physics. Yet another cat was presented in Slate article mentioned recently in Quantum Pontiff blog and, finally, absolutely terrible idiom appears here (update).

Schroedinder's Cat

So my own efforts with cat design (Blender,  GIMP) were not a work in vain, but I prefer setup with feeding the cat. Nobel Prize for experiments with individual systems makes all that even more appropriate, because in such a case the same individual cat may be inspected many times. It is more justified than rough experiments with ensembles of cats.

In fact, the article in Slate continues a discussion in the comments to Scott Aaronson’s post about the Nobel Prize and some over news relating quantum computing. All that may be compared with controversy about shape of a black cat in a dark room.


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10 responses to “Black Cat in Black Box

  1. Strangely this idiom made it to a title of a paper:…59….1E

  2. Dear Alexander, we can try to systematically quantized idioms and phrases:

    A Schrodinger Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two Birds In The Bush:

    If it walks like a duck and if it walks like a duck it must be a Schrodinger duck

    Let The Scrodinger Cat Out Of The Bag

    The curiosity Scrodingered the cat

    No Room to Swing a Schrodinger Cat

    Devil’s Schrodinger advocate

  3. Suddenly, Schroedinger’s cats again, now in Nobel Lectures, thousands yet another pair of them.
    Diploma for Raising Schroedinger's Cat

  4. In 2013 Shroedinger cat is again walking by herself between Nobel Prizes, now in chemistry.

  5. 3D model used for the pictures may be viewed and downloaded here:

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