Mastering Scientific Web Page

Rather outdated, but still interesting advices for the scientists about a personal web page.

Hello, Dr.s Kitty

Creative background for a scientific web page

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The terrible … cat

Just a specific view on the quantum computer skepticism.

QC skepticism


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Jovian gates

Jovian gateJovians use three-valued logic on \natural, \sharp, \flat with cyclic relation \natural \prec \sharp \prec \flat \prec \natural. Jovian’s logic circuits sometimes use Jovian gate, {\mathfrak{2\!\!/}}. It is reversible two-gate constructed from pair of operations {\mathfrak{2\!\!/}}(a,b) = (a \vee b, b - a ) with values on each wire are defined by tables:

\displaystyle  \begin{array}{|c|ccc|}\hline  a \vee b &\natural&\sharp&\flat \\ \hline  \natural &\natural&\sharp&\natural\\  \sharp &\sharp &\sharp&\flat\\  \flat &\natural&\flat &\flat\\\hline  \end{array}\qquad  \begin{array}{|c|ccc|}\hline  b - a &\natural&\sharp &\flat \\ \hline  \natural&\natural&\sharp &\flat\\  \sharp &\flat &\natural&\sharp\\  \flat &\sharp &\flat &\natural \\ \hline  \end{array}

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Antum quant

Antum quantAn old story about qu-ants suddenly reached me yesterday, when (due to G+ notification) I have known about a game based on the cellular automaton. Following suggestion in the help I’ve submitted a search request and quite fast found a blog post about the qu-ants.

Author did not let me submit a short note for clarification and it is anyway a bit late to comment a post written couple months ago (in original blog or here), why “qu-ants”, why “quantum”… Anyway I renamed later such kind of CA as “Wireless ant world” (WlAnt, WAW). So I am just introducing yet another term “Antum quant(um)” together with a logo represented here.

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20 years in quantum computing

A month ago I could celebrate a twenty years since my first paper about quantum computing was published, but I did not guess,  that kind of post would be appropriate. So, here is simply yet another modification of old picture by Michel Dyakonov already used recently by Gil Kalai

my_qc_worldUPDATE: Russian text of the paper may be found here (English translation of journal is online, but issues before 1997 are not available)

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New Year Qubit

New Qubit

New Year Qubit (2015)

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November 28, 2014 · 4:00 pm

Quantum Computing Lite

A week ago I wrote about software implementation of “Quantum Computing lite” (QC lite) — a special model that both directly related with quantum computing and may be effectively modeled by classical computer. The more formal term for such a model is Spin(3n) circuits and on-line electronic version of relevant paper now appears (see Vol. 15 No 3&4 pp.235-259) on the site of QIC journal. The software looks quite actual, because some equations and method in the paper were rather complicated and not very intuitive. The software implements usual quantum computing simulator as well, so I can compare results due to simulation of quantum computer with equation for Spin(3n) circuit written in the paper and was happy about coincidence.

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